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Our topical products are made to be applied directly on the skin and, thanks to the active ingredients they contain, they provide relief for various disturbances such as limb pain or traumatic states such as sprains and haematomas. The result is immediate because absorption of the product takes place through the skin and remains for a prolonged period of time.

To use these products correctly, you must carefully wash your hands and the area affected by the disturbance and apply it on the skin delicately, without rubbing.

They come in various forms, including cream and gel, each with a different composition and activity.

Difference between cream and gel

The creams are multi-stage preparations, usually made up of an oily emulsion and an aqueous emulsion which disappear as soon as they are spread on the skin.

They have emollient, cooling, lubricating, and hydrating properties.

Topical use gels have a semi-solid consistency and are, as the name would suggest, gelatinous. They release the topical agent they contain in a controlled way, resulting in better absorption of the main ingredients. They are particularly suitable in situations where quick absorption is preferred.

Our topical products: