Flogocur New, supplement for muscle and joint traumas

Flogocur new Sifra

Flogocur New is a supplement that can be useful in joint and muscle traumas.

It contributes to reducing the inflammatory state and pain, favouring blood circulation and reabsorption of the oedema.

It can also be a valid aid in post-operative tissue reactions.


Bromelain, Diosmin, Cat’s Claw, and Turmeric.

Use of Flogocur New:

We recommend taking 1 tablet per day on an empty stomach and far from meals, swallowing with a glass of water.


In the event of of changes to liver or bile function or calculus of the bile tract, use of the product is not recommended.

Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Do not use for prolonged periods without consulting a physician.

If drugs are being assumed, we recommend getting a doctor’s opinion.

Does not contain gluten and is naturally lactose free.

Available packaging of the supplement:

Flogocur New is available in the form of 30 tablets of 850 mg each.

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