Divial X, hyaluronic acid for dry eyes

Divial X Sifra

Divial X is an eye drop solution with hyaluronic acid suitable for relieving ocular dryness, reddening, and visual fatigue due to:

  • conditions of environmental stress due to dust, allergens, smoke, air conditioning, pollution
  • dry eye syndrome
  • visual stress due to the use of computers, smartphones, televisions, etc.

If you use contact lenses, Divial X improves ocular lubrication and comfort.


Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid and cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

Use of Divial X:

After detaching the individual vial and opening by turning its cap, 2 to 3 drops of hyaluronic acid eye drops can be instilled in both eyes, several times per day.

Once used, the vial can be closed and kept in the aluminium bag found in the Divial X package.


Any administration of drugs for ophthalmic use must be carried out at least 15 minutes from instillation of eye drops. Once opened, the disposable vial can be closed with the specific cap and the residual content must be used within 12 hours.

Available packaging of hyaluronic acid for eyes:

Divial X is available in the format with 30 vials of 0.5 ml each, disposable and recloseable.

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