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We dedicate great attention to vascular problems for the purpose of ensuring correct operation of the circulatory system, indispensable for the wellness of the entire organism.

We support the medical category thanks to innovative products which are effective and have outstanding tolerability in managing swelling, cramps, feelings of heaviness in the legs, and tingling.

Our support, combined with that of angiologists and vascular surgeons, extends to the wellness of the lymphatic system which, in the case of accumulations, is the cause of oedema and limb pain, with attention to the draining of body fluids.

The circulatory system

The circulatory system is made up of organs which have the function of transporting blood and lymph which, in turn, have the primary task of ensuring support to the organism’s cells.

Through the arteries and capillaries, blood rich in oxygen and nourishing substances reaches organs and tissue and returns to the heart through the veins. 

Vascular problems

When the heart’s venous return becomes difficult, liquids accumulate in the intersitium, consequently exceeding the draining capacity of the lymphatic vessels. When this situation occurs, the result is chronic venous disease with symptoms such as swelling in the ankles, heavy legs, pain, burning, tingling, and cramps.

To prevent all this from happening, it is important to protect the health and elasticity of the venous system, implementing a healthy and balanced diet that includes limited consumption of coffee and salt and drinking lots of water. It is also important to perform regular physical activity.

To support the wellness of microcirculation, there are elements that can help such as Vitis vinifera extracts with vascular-protection and antioxidant properties. 

To keep the lymphatic system healthy and to prevent the lymph from accumulating, causing swelling, oedema, and pain in the limbs, natural substances can be used such as:

  • Escin, a molecule extracted from the horse chestnut, which aids microcirculation functions,
  • bromelain, an enzyme in the pineapple stalk known for its body fluid draining properties.

Our products for vascular problems: