Dual Action Sifrayal, eye drops for tired and red eyes

Sifrayal Sifra

Dual Action Sifrayal is an eye drop solution for tired, red, and fatigued eyes which carries out an important protection and relief function.

It lubricates, cools, and relieves situations of slight and occasional eye discomfort and dryness.

It mitigates symptoms of reddening and discomfort due to:

  • pollution and smog
  • chlorinated water, sea salt, and prolonged exposure to the sun
  • dust, smoke, and wind
  • reduced blinking due primarily to the prolonged use of electronic devices, intense studying, or too much time driving.

Dual Action Sifrayal is particularly suited for those who wear contact lenses, whether soft, rigid, or semi-rigid, in compliance with the ISO 11981 standard.

It can be used both before putting the contact lenses in to facilitate application or after putting in the contact lenses to counter the annoying sensation of dry eyes.


Hyaluronic acid, Blueberry distilled water, Witch hazel, Camomille and Eyebright, and Vegetable glycerine.

Use of Dual Action Sifrayal:

2-3 drops can be applied per eye multiple times throughout the day as needed.


Does not contain preservatives, therefore use the contents within 3 months of opening. After opening, sterility is ensured by the APTAR OSD (Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser). Any administration of drugs for ophthalmic use must be carried out at least 15 minutes from instillation of eye drops.

Available packaging of the drops for tired eyes:

The vial of Dual Action Sifrayal is available in the 10 ml format.

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