NEOIAL HC, intra-articular injection

Neoial hc 40 Sifra

NEOIAL HC is the first intra-articular injection with a hyaluronic acid and recombined silkworm collagen, named NEOSILK®.

It is an innovative substance with a structure that differs from the classic types of bovine, ovine, and swine collagen in that it is 99.9% to human collagen, which makes it highly bio-available.

This ensures greater safety of use in that it is hypo-allergenic and non-immunogenic.

It also has the function of directly stimulating the proliferation of cartilaginous cells with longer lasting results than just hyaluronic acid.

It is suitable for joint pain due to arthrosis and in cases of reduced knee, hip, and shoulder mobility due to degenerative or traumatic alterations

It improves lubricating synovial fluid function and impact absorption, protecting cartilage and soft tissue from mechanical injuries.

Neoial hc 80 Sifra
Neoial hc 60 Sifra

Characteristics of NEOIAL HC:

It is a sterile, transparent, re-absorbable, and viscoelastic hydrogel thanks to the combination of the substances it contains.

NEOIAL HC is made up of highly purified hyaluronic acid with two different molecular weights, with the addition of silkworm collagen.

The substances that make it up are functional in treating chondroarthritis diseases affecting joints. 

NEOIAL HC is a class III medical device for intra-articular use certified by the Notified Body with EC mark 0477.

Available packaging of intra-articular injection:

It is produced in 3 different dosages:

  • 40 mg in 2 ml at 2%
  • 60 mg in 4 ml at 1.5%
  • 80 mg in 4 ml at 2%

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